There is no future for our children if we continue like that.

Autism has been a highly controversial subject over the years. People disagree if it is a disorder or a different way of being. What causes autism? What are the best therapies? Education, adult support and if we should work towards acceptance or a cure.

There are two schools of thought,

One approach states that autism is a lifelong developmental disorder as stated by the World Health Organisation(WHO), recommending these therapies: Picture Exchange communication system (PECS), Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related handicapped Children (TEACCH), Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), sensory integration and speech and language therapy. The other side of the argument state, that autism is a genetic and environmental neurological disorder that underlines other pathological issues like inflammation/toxicity.

There is growing concern that we are exposed to an unsafe amount of air pollution and other environmental toxins, many "believe" vaccines are the biggest contributing factor to an increase in autism, but this theory they say is unproven. Leaving many families turning to alternative forms of treatment via way of the World Wide Web. These unproven theories and supplements "promise" to cure autism, but when the desired outcomes aren’t actualised they can lead families to a state of emotional, financial and social deprivation.

If you ask me ‘Yes, a 5-year-old non-verbal autistic child can start talking.

Every parent and every autism specialist has their own opinion on what is autism and how to deal with it.




If we can’t accept each other, how on earth are we going to accept autism???

We are a broken society raising broken children. The funny thing is that we, the parents are fighting for our children to be accepted by this rotten society and culture. That doesn’t make sense to me.

So do you think our children have a chance?


Not if we continue like that.

Many times you will hear from the autistic community about how toxins in the environment can harm autistic children but nobody is talking about toxic mothers, toxic fathers, grandparents, neighbours, friends etc

Can you imagine someone growing up saying to himself ‘ when I grow up I want to be a successful bully or I will become an alcoholic or a drug addict or I am going to be a rapist???

Of course not.

The same thing goes from the parent's side.

No parent is looking at their lovely children’s eyes and says, I will raise you to be a bully or an addict or a murderer or a paedophile.

Come on guys look around you. Something is not right.

We have forgotten how to be Kind, how to Love and how to practise Compassion first to ourselves and then to others around us. We have to connect again with our true selves, connect with nature-God with our children, with each other.

I know it may sound easy, but it’s not, especially to get to your true self, which is the most crucial part of this process.

No matter where you are from, your views, beliefs, colour, perceptions, we all experience our own troubles, burdens, pains and emotional struggles.


WE ARE TOGETHER and we have been given a great gift to assist us in these chaotic times.

Guess what.

Animals and Nature. (Whatever is been left from it)

We all know how nature and animals can help someones overall health so what is the best way to connect and with nature????

Yes!!! That's right.

Plant a food garden

and this is what we are going to do hoping this way we will build relationships with strong healthy roots.

You know I am a greek mama, right? So food has to play a big part in our mission.

So stay in tune my friends, take a step back, keep it simple and let's build a future for our children

by building ourselves first.

Welcome to Future for autism 🌻

Planting the seeds of love.

I wish you all the best.

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